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Tuesday August 5th 2008 ~ 126 Superbus

It was a bit of an A47 day today with X1's delayed resulting in several swaps and a Scania outing.
First odd thing was K5 and K16 which are both B10 turns being given 20506 and 20501 while B12 turns K17 and K3 were given 20142 and 20141.
20107 did K1 07.48 Pbo -Lft and came back as far as Lynn by which time it had lost so much time that it had missed its 15.29 departure to Peterborough by almost 30 minutes, so it then took up the path of K2 and became the 15.59. Lynn despatched Scania 65525 to Peterborough at 15.29 and this came back as far as Lynn and then 20502 (to be confirmed) went forward. 502 had started out on K2 and I am assuming here that it arrived sometime after 20107 had left at 15.59 and then retired before relieving 65525 and taking K1 to Lowestoft at 18.12.
Other changes were less complex. 20118 was put on K4 (the early bath diagram), the idea being that it would be into Lynn at 19.07 and then have a scheduled 'A' service, however, Lowestoft had other ideas and it returned 30 mins later than planned on K6, the 13.55 to Peterborough which is booked to return through to Lowestoft. Lynn took it off at 19.37 and so it got its service after all. The coach off the 18.24 arrival (J10), went back east at 19.42 on K6. I think this was 20127. K6 had started the day with 20508 off a scheduled exam.
Star of the day was 20126 - I can hear Bruce cheering - it was 28 late leaving Wisbech westbound on Y14 and on its return from Peterborough had narrowed the deficit to 22 minutes. Tonight it came back as the 17.55 ex Lowestoft as booked, dead on time.
The air con man is coming on Friday !

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