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Thursday 14th August 2008 ~ You've All Done Very Well !

After yesterday evenings frantic goings on, we were due for a quiet day and it seems we got one. Of the 21 diagrams, 20 look to have kept the same bus they started the day with, which must be some kind of record. It was also a Scania free day, unless you know different ! Needless to say punctuality was very good too, with only K6 16.59 Lynn - Peterborough being in excess of 10 minutes in arrears and 20111 had made all this up by the time it set out from Lynn for Lowestoft at 19.42.
Only unusual event seems to have been 20141 which should have covered K1 18.12 Lynn - Lowestoft, but which was in Lynn bus station at 19.45. All other incoming services were accounted for, so I guess the 18.12 may have run late and passengers transferred to the 18.42. Alternatively, a Scania could have worked. If the latter was the case it certainly wasn't the favourite 65532, as that was at Lynn this evening.
Lynn sent 20121 out on the X2 diagram today (K19), obviously hoping it would get swapped at Lowestoft - it wasn't of course and came back in tonight, still making peculiar noises.

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