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Friday August 22nd 2008 ~ Ladies Day

Nice to welcome back two of our regular reporters today. Judith saw 20124 leaving Wisbech at 13.35 heading west, it should have been the 13.01 (K16) but was running in the path of K17. Later she saw 20501 at Walton Highway running 13 late on K7 to Peterborough (due there at 15.19), it was late by a similar margin on its return when I viewed it. Earlier Y14 12.48 ex Peterborough had been 26 late with 20107 and guess who was driving ? Yes the 'late lady' again. The lateness prize however, went to 20503 on K4 due off Wisbech at 17.01, Cheryl saw it leaving at 17.38 and shortly after 20127 arrived a mere 5 down on K1 16.48 from Peterborough. Westbound services gradually improved after this with 20142 only 26 late on K6 17.31 to Peterboro' and seen shortly after it on my way back from a trip to March, 20126 on Y8 only about 4 down. 20126 began the day on K18 but was swapped at Lowestoft and instead of returning on the 10.25, waited until the 14.25.
Traffic congestion in Wisbech was particularly bad today with it being a Bank Holiday Friday and a fire at a scrapyard near Weasenham Lane caused further problems around 12.45. Incidentally 'First' have renamed this location 'Weasingham Lane' on their bus stop signs. More beers at Peterborough tomorrow, so yet more X1 experiences in the next blog. Cheers !

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