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Tuesday 12th August 2008 ~ 65532, where are you ?

Today began with a couple of incidents, firstly Peter reported 20509 broken down with hazard warning lights on in a layby near Thorney Toll at 07.10. It was on turn K7 and was due to leave Peterborough at 07.13. The problem couldn't have been too severe as this afternoon it was less than 10 late leaving Wisbech westbound, still on K7. 509s reliability is normally excellent incidentally. The same cannot be said of 20121 - see earlier blogs - and today it was taken off the 08.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft (K2) at Lynn with 20501 which had just returned from doing the early morning Norwich turn (K20) going forward. Later 20118 was in trouble again on J11 11.18 ex Peterborough and 20105 was available to relieve it.
65532 once again came to the rescue on K6 07.59 Lynn - Peterborough, however, it seems to have worked the 09.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft and then been replaced by 20111. Whether it returned to Lynn late this evening we will see.
Punctuality was pretty good today though there was a deterioration around lunchtime for a while with 20505 being seen arriving at Wisbech at 13.12 westbound, this should have been the 12.31 (K15) but was running as the 13.01 (K16) on which 20103 had begun the day.

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