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Sunday 3rd August 2008 ~ It Never Rains But It Pours...

Thanks to Paul for getting the numbers while I was away. Returning to last Wednesday briefly and John reports 65532 working the 11.29 Lynn - Peterborough (Y14) after nothing seemingly arrived from the East. It had earlier done K4 08.48 Pbo - Lft as far as Lynn where 20502 went forward.

Two of the absent coaches reappeared in my own absence, firstly 20131 which worked into Lynn on Wednesday night and 20121 which returned to work on the X2 on Thursday. On Friday John reported 20119 and 20509 heading west from Lynn within minutes of each other. 20119 was well late on the 14.29 departure (K5) and 20509 had relieved 20505 which was required for maintenance on the 14.59 (K7).

Saturday seems to have passed without incident but today (Sunday) there were two evening swaps. Torrential rain swept across West Norfolk this evening and consequently, 20131 was failed for the 19.59 to Peterborough with a badly leaking drivers cab - this has been a source of trouble for about 18 months now on this particular vehicle ! (It is pictured above after a storm earlier this year). 20504 went forward 14 mins late , then an hour later 20111 was failed with an unknown defect and 20501 was summoned to work forward from Vancouver Avenue.

I travelled on 20127 on the 09.31 Wisbech - Peterborough on Thursday morning (Y9). It was very warm despite the lack of sunshine and would have been unbearable otherwise. I came back on 20502 on the 17.48 ex Peterborough (K4) on Saturday and the ride was very pleasant indeed with fully working air-con. 20500/04/08 are due to have their air-con looked at this week.

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