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Saturday 9th August ~ Question Time

More questions than answers today ! Services were running behind time through Wisbech around lunchtime. The 13.39 to Lowestoft (Y14) was 19 late leaving with 20142 and the 14.01 to Peterborough (K18) similarly with 20107. The latter had replaced 20121 at Lowestoft on K18 and the inability of 121 to complete turns must be a worry. Last Saturday it had extreme difficulty restarting from Lynn bus station on the 20.42 to Lowestoft, seemingly due to a problem with the brakes releasing and Sam has reported problems with 121 before too.
Michael spotted 20120 back in action today - it was approaching Norwich from the Yarmouth direction around 13.30, possibly on the 12.38 shuttle from Gorleston. 20111 was the only B10 seen on the X2.
Most unusually for a Saturday, 65532 was out on X1 today, though I'm uncertain as to whether it came in on the 18.24 or 19.24 arrival from Lowestoft. It must have taken over from an ailing coach at Lynn at lunchtime. Normally there would be a spare coach to take over, but 20141 was still undergoing an exam and 20500/504 as reported yesterday are blown up. The failed coach was repaired and returned east on the 19.42 to Lowestoft (K6) tonight and 20501 which had been on the diagram was then immediately called upon to relieve 20118 on the 19.59 to Peterborough (L13) after its demisters stopped working.
Absent coaches with dates of last workings are as follows : 20114 (X2 12th July), 20117 (x2 17th July), 20119 (X1 2nd Aug) and 20123 (X1 29th July). The two rail fleet coaches 20106 & 20112 have not been seen at Lynn since 29th July.


Sam Wickham said...

I told you that you would never see 20106 and 20112 again once Lowestoft got hold of them ;)

Gerardtcc said...

Yes wonder what they've done with them !

Sam Wickham said...

Probably sitting in the back of the depot with the rest of the B10Ms - all I ever seem to see out on X2s is wobbling Olympians!