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Thursday 7th August ~ Clear destinations ?

When the B12 Paragons were new, they were all adorned with the Excel logo above the destination panel. This was applied in a rather untidy fashion in some cases, see the picture here of 20507 in which it actually obscures the destination screen ! Over the years new glass has been fitted to the B12s and latterly only 20502 has retained the lettering. The purpose of this little history lesson is because today 20502 has been seen in traffic with a clear destination glass, so ending this little episode.

On the road it was 20505 in the news again today. It went east on K6 09.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft and was replaced there by 20105. For the second successive day 20505 then went on to the X2 diagram (K19). Something strange befell 20111 on K5 06.43 Pbo - Lft as it seems to have overtaken at some point 20504 on the preceding 06.54 Wisbech -Lft (K3) with the result that this afternoon 20111 came through first on K3 and 20504 ended up on K5. 20118 was swapped at Lowestoft for 20131 and this came through Wisbech 26 late on the K16 09.25 ex Lowestoft.

The new Wright Eclipse Gemini deckers for X1 are now due in Oct/Nov apparently with 37563 - 37579 the allocated fleet numbers. Thanks to Andrew for passing on the info.

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