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Thursday August 28th 2008 ~ Lies Damned Lies

Imagine my surprise when Bruce said he'd seen 20111 on K4b 17.48 Peterborough - Lynn last night when I'd alleged that it came in on L12 from Lowestoft - how embarrassing ! Turns out that L12 with 20502 did step up to become L13, but at Lynn not Lowestoft. The reason for this is that 20141 failed on L13 16.55 ex Lowestoft at Yarmouth and 20114 on K16 13.48 ex Peterborough was turned round here to become a replacement for 20141 on L13 - got that ? Clear as mud. 20114 was then late into Lynn so 20502 stepped in at 19.59 to do Lynn - Peterborough.
Ryan says two of the missing coaches are at Yarmouth Caister Road depot. 20119 is in a bad way and is being assessed while 20117 is blocked in by it awaiting attention. 20105 remained off the road at Lynn today.
20506 needed a tyre change today so it was taken off Y8 09.49 Peterborough - Lowestoft at Lynn and 20127 off K20 (the Norwich turn) replaced it. 20506 was fit in time to do the afternoon portion of K20 which starts with the seat slashing schools turn.
20121 was out today and I had an email from Bruce who was singing its praises after it passed his house on the 12.48 ex Peterborough (Y14) dead on time, however (as predicted by Sam) it expired later and 20508 on K15 had to take the 17. 55 in place of it. 508's turn was then taken by 20120 which had done K16 13.48 ex Peterborough and which is booked to then finish at Lowestoft. 20120 managed to get as far as Nar Ouse Way on its way out of Lynn with the 21.59 to Peterboro' when the driver spotted the oil light flashing, so it turned round and went to Vancouver Avenue where 20503 was fired up to replace it.
After two consecutive days with 20127, K19 (the X2 diagram) was given 20114, but by late afternoon this had been replaced by a Lowestoft Olympian. 20118 which had been out on another X2 turn then did the final X1 leg back to Lynn. 20103 was also out on the X2 this morning, but it later also turned up at Lynn on J11 15.55 ex Lowestoft.
A photograph on Colin Humphrey's Fotopic site of our missing 20106 was spotted by Sam. Taken yesterday it shows 106 looking very smart minus side advert and more ominously without the Excel lettering on the side. It seems to have been taken at Ipswich and I think we may have seen the last of it.
106 now joins 121 bereft of Excel lettering, now I wonder why 121 doesn't have the word 'Excel' on the side ? Answers on a postcard please to Sam !
Not sure when the next blog will be, as I'm Best Man at a mates wedding on Saturday and have to travel there late tomorrow. Any Saturday sightings this week will be appreciated. G

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