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Wednesday 6th August 2008 ~ All Change

No doubt due to traffic delays, today was a 'layover' day at Lowestoft. The first turn known to have done this was K16 (the 09.10 arrival) which instead of doing the 09.25 , did the 09.55 (K17) and this pattern continued for most of the day. This meant Lowestoft had to provide extra cover and whilst it is not known what took the 09.25, K4 - the 13.10 arrival with 20141 was changed for 20124 for the 13.25 whilst 20141 took K6, the 13.55. One surprise was 20505 doing K17 (the 09.40 Lowestoft arrival) and then being diverted on to the X2 diagram (K19). 20111 which had started out on this ended up on 16.55 ex Lowestoft (L13).

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