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Saturday 23rd August 2008 ~ Horsefair Handcuffs

My second outing of the week to Peterborough Beerfest, this time on the X1. We did J10, the 10.01 Wisbech - Peterborough with 20124. Karen (Blondie) was driving and an excellent job she made of it too. With a full payload the journey was very comfortable with blowers functioning well and quite clearly 20121 did have a suspension problem last week, as 20124 gave a much better ride. Cheryl was on the following bus (J11) with 20109 which was slightly late, but again a good journey was enjoyed.
Cheryl & Ian decided to do the 17.28 from Queensgate (K2) but this failed to appear as did the 17.58 (K4), seen in the morning with 20505. Eventually the hordes boarded 20118 on the 18.28 (K6), with much pushing and shoving and some men behaving as Cheryl says 'like their shoe size'. Things got so bad that the police were there to meet 118 at Wisbech and two characters were carted off, one in handcuffs ! Meanwhile I returned on J11, the 20.28 with 20109 which gave a very pleasant journey without incident.

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