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Wednesday 20th August 2008 ~ Better Late Than Never....

..... or so passengers waiting patiently for J11 12.09 Wisbech - Lowestoft must have thought when 20105 turned up less than 10 minutes before the following departure. This is normally one of the more reliable services and was the black sheep on a day when otherwise things went well. One or two other random services seemed to be delayed including Y14 08.25 ex Lowestoft with 20118, which was almost 15 late leaving Wisbech, but commendably had regained all of this by the time it returned. Later on, the 14.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough due off Wisbech at 18.01 was seen leaving precisely 15 late.
20121 was removed from X1 duty again today, it did K2 08.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft and then was shifted to the X2 while 20124 which itself had been on the X2 took up K2 with the 12.55 to Peterborough. This was the only swap noted however.
Later in the evening scheduled roadworks at Guyhirn roundabout caused delays of up to 20 minutes. The reason for the lateness of this entry is because of a visit to the Peterborough Beer Festival. I travelled on a Towlers B10M and while stuck in the queue before Guyhirn we spotted 20503 on K6 18.18 ex Peterborough across the river taking the alternative route via Tholomas Drove and Wisbech St. Mary to reach Wisbech. The roadworks will also be in situ tomorrow night.

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