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Tuesday 26th August 2008 ~ The return of 114.

Norfolk Police Excel Cover Up ! It's 20114.
More details are emerging of a power crisis at King's Lynn on Saturday with Kieron reporting that he took 20507 on two trips to Hunstanton after it had undergone a scheduled service. The shortage was caused by six vehicles being unavailable including a Scania and an Olympian both on MOT. Bank Holiday Monday seemed to pass without incident, 20104 & 20121 were the only B10s seen on X1 and all the rest were B12 operated.

Today (Tuesday) saw the return to traffic of 20114 (N614APU) which brought in J11 15.55 Lowestoft to Lynn having replaced 20103 which had done the earlier return trip to Peterborough. This was 114's first appearance here since July 6th and it was last seen working on the X2 on 12th July. It retains adverts for Norfolk Police as does 20118. The other B10 which had these, 20116 is now of course working in Scotland.

20500 had its air conditioning system finally sorted out today and it was out tonight on K20 17.17 Norwich - Peterborough. The morning part of K20 was 20503 but this then replaced 20142 on the 10.42 to Lowestoft (K6). There was one other swap today with 20104 on Y8 being replaced by 20131 for the 14.25 ex Lowestoft. In all there were 24 different vehicles out on the 21 turns today including all the B12s.

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