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Monday 4th August 2008 ~ Next stop Walton Highway

A very good day at last with only exception Scania 65532 on the Lynn - Norwich turn (K20) this morning, but 20509 off an exam replaced it. 65532 is obviously the favourite X1 replacement,much as 65576 used to be. Otherwise very quiet with a solitary hiccup, the failure of 20141 at Walton Highway where it was due to work the 09.49 to Peterborough (J10). After attention it was fit to continue to Wisbech and resume its turn as the 11.39 to Lowestoft. Roadworks west of Wisbech caused delays today and 20508 on the 12.01 to Peterborough (Y14) was already 16 late arriving so must have been well late after that. Work is proceeding on 20503 and it should be back in service this week. Jamie R came over on the 15.48 ex Peterborough (K5)tonight and was very uncomfortable as the air con on 20500 (this turn is usually a B10) as previously reported was not working.

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