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Sunday 17th August 2008 ~ Hair Of the Dog

As I mentioned in the previous post, I did the 09.01 Wisbech - Peterborough (Y8) on Saturday morning. Laughter all round when 20121 appeared, nevertheless it got us to there with a full load of passengers and despite a fairly bumpy ride. It managed to survive the day but was failed on arrival at Lynn in the evening with a suspension fault ! Noted en route were 20104 (K6) and 20141 (K1), the latter was probably out on Hunstantons on Friday evening. Thanks to Sam for letting me know that 20500 & 20142 were in use on Norwich - Thetford rail replacements and whilst on the subject, also for finding out that 20112 is no longer a Lynn vehicle as it has been reallocated to Galashiels ! Well bless me, I wonder where 20106 is ? Both 106 and 112 were last out on X1s on July 29th.
Doreen spotted a broken down X1 coach in a layby on Thorney bypass yesterday lunchtime and Steve reports 65532 as leaving Lynn for Lowestoft around 13.00 - I suspect these two events are connected. 20109 was in Lynn garage tonight with X1 Lowestoft on the blinds, so may be this was the culprit.
Pleasant journey back from Peterborough this evening on 20105 on the 19.18 to Lowestoft.

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