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Thursday 21st August 2008 ~ Plenty of Paragons

For the second day in succession, all ten B12 Paragons were in service on the X1. 20500 which had been on restricted working resumed its normal diagrams yesterday. 20505 had an extension to its day as after arriving at 19.07 from Pbo on the 'early bath' turn (K4) it was callled upon to work the 19.59 back to the Cathedral City after 20104 which had come in on L13 had to be taken out of service, I think for cleaning - let's not go there ! 20508 was seen leaving Wisbech on Y14 12.01 to Peterborough with 'Great Yarmouth via King's Lynn' in the destination panel, just to confuse the locals.

Bruce will be disappointed to learn that 20126 was failed at King's Lynn today with a brake valve fault, but don't worry, it is repaired now and is wearing yet another new advert, this time to discourage smokers. Whilst on the subject of ads, 20103 has lost its 'Just Jobs Suffolk' ad on the passenger side. For the last couple of months it has also been running without a fleet number on the drivers side rear, it appears to have been painted out after collision damage. Michael reports that there were four B10s out on the X2 yesterday : 20121/124 /142 plus 20111 on diagram K19. Today 20121 and 20127 were in evidence, but the 'Lynn diagram' K19 had 20105 to start, a Lowestoft 'Olympian' at lunchtime and 20127 this afternoon. On a related note, Michael says 34825 ( a one time regular on the Norwich - Peterborough route) returned to its regular duties on the X2 yesterday, so Sam will be pleased. Amazingly this X1 blog has also made the local press here in the Fens :-

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Sam Wickham said...

Glad 34825 is back - I really need to try and get a picture of her at some point. Disappointingly 20104 was on K19 today (22nd) (12:38 out of Low) I waited in town before going into work especially to see what was on it!

Really must head over your way sometime soon!