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Friday August 15th 2008 ~ "I Passed an Old X1 Bus today "

" I passed an old X1 bus today" said my brother-in-law this teatime. He'd seen 65531 arriving at Wisbech at just after 10am on K6 09.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft. Bruce tipped me off about this as he'd seen it at 08.20 passing Walpole Highway. What I didn't realise was that K4 07.29 K-P, 08.48 Pbo -Lft etc was also Scania worked by 65532 ! 65531 was swapped for 20502 which had come off scheduled maintenance and then worked forward to Lowestoft at 10.42, but 65532 I think worked all day on the 'early bath' turn. Hadn't the heart to tell my brother-in-law Neil that the Scanias are in many cases newer than the B10Ms !!
This shortage of coaches was caused by 20501/2/8 all being attended to. They were later joined by 20500 back from Volvo, however, this didn't go back into service as it needs an air con pipe which is on order and also needs its destination screen re-programming. 20501 was serviced and then went out on the Hunstantons ! It was unable to show 41a on its destination screen, so instead said 413 (the old service number for this route). 20508 replaced 20504 for J11 09.59 King's Lynn - Peterborough so that the air con fitter could again attend to the latter. It later went out on K20 empty to Norwich to form the 17.17 to Peterborough.
Yesterday's mystery of 20141 was not solved today as it was not seen. Late running was prevalent from lunchtime onwards and Bruce took a trip to Lynn where he says " I tried to go to Tesco. Traffic was piled up nose to tail from the A149 Hunstanton Road at Lynn, all round Hardwick roundabout, down Lynn bypass, along A47 and halfway to Terrington St John on the dual carriageway. So Lynn bound X1s must have been severely delayed as must the Peterborough ones that cross the flow several times.
Consequently I saw a Lynn bound B10M at the A17/A47 junction at 14.35 with 20505 following and almost within sight of each other!"
The first B10 you saw Bruce was Y14 12.48 ex Peterborough which remains unidentified, 20505 was on K15 13.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft.
No blog on Saturday as I'm doing the X1 to Peterborough and then supervising a stag party in York ! I'm back on Sunday, but in the meantime any sightings are welcome to the usual address.

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