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Friday 8th August ~ 888 Unlucky for some.

The air con chap came today so 20508 was kept in and 20504 was removed from Y14 08.25 Lowestoft - Pbo at Lynn for attention, it also had an oil problem and has had parts ordered. 20500 which had also had its air con seen to replaced it, but only did Peterborough and back before being failed with a faulty No.1 injector - this usually entails a trip to Duffields Volvo. Meanwhile 20503 returned to traffic at last. It did K4 07.29 Lynn - Peterborough (the Lynn early finish turn) but Lowestoft laid it over and it ended up on K6 and consequently is overnight there.
Late running was commonplace today, worst offender was the 13.18 ex Peterborough (K15)which was 38 late arriving at Wisbech with 20506. Also making a valiant effort to make up lost time was 20124 on the 12.18 from Peterborough which was 28 late at Terrington. By this evening it was about 12 late still on turn L13, the 19.59 westbound from Lynn. The average lateness appeared to be around 15 mins however.
There were at least two and possibly three Scania/Wrights out deputising today. Lynn sent 65532 on K6 07.59 to Peterborough and this was later swapped at Lowestoft and came back on Y8 14.25 to Peterborough. It finished this turn which dies at Lynn at 20.07. Another Scania replaced 20118 on L12 11.48 ex Peterborough at Lynn, 20118 then refreshed relieved 20500 on the 14.12 to Lowestoft (Y14), see above. The coach shortage was aggravated by the air con repairs and 20141 undergoing a C exam.

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