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Saturday August 30th 2008 ~ At Last a New(ish) Bus

As expected Richard fetched 20353 from Vulcan Road this morning and it remained parked outside Vancouver Avenue garage until the evening. It has a dot matrix style destination which today said 'First Devon & Cornwall'. Although an 05 reg, it looks a bit untidy on the exterior where vinyls have been painted over. The other two are expected to arrive in the coming week.
On the X1 today, Bruce was chief scout and he has submitted a comprehensive log of goings on during the day. 65529 came back on L13 07.45 ex Lowestoft, but this came off at Lynn and 20114 took over. 114 had been in trouble earlier when it started the day on K5 07.39 Wisbech - Lowestoft but a problem with its wipers saw 20121 replace it at Lynn. 20120 remains off the road at Lynn. 20505 on the 09.55 from Lowestoft was swapped for 20508 at Lynn and there was also some changes at the Lowestoft end with 20109 on K1 being replaced by 20504 which had gone over on K3, the 10.55 (K3) was 20142 which had earlier been out on the X2.
Around lunchtime services westbound were up to 20 minutes late, but all of these returned on time. Things seemed to go downhill again at teatime, possibly because Norwich City were playing at home which always causes congestion. 20109 & 20111 ended up at Lynn so both were swapped at some stage as they started out on Lowestoft terminators.
Doreen had an unpleasant journey on K15 13.28 ex Peterborough with 20503's air con clearly not working properly.

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