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27th - 29th November 2009 ~ Blog Digest

Things have been hectic this weekend, with firstly a rotten cold, then guests at home to cater for, so this blog appears slightly later than usual and in a digest form so that I can catch up......

Friday 27th

A pretty awful day for the X1 with some appalling delays in the afternoon. 34108 was out on L11 and 37562 was also used, but on what I am not sure. 20107 was Y7 which is the early evening arrival at Lynn. My friend John arrived at Peterborough rail station at 16.45 and having just (supposedly) missed K1, waited in the plunging temperatures for K2 at 17.05. This failed to appear and eventually he got away on K3 (the 17.35) with 37159. Quite why K2 didn't visit the station is unclear, but it is unsatisfactory when it was advertised as running normally on the station tele-screens. Andy enlarges on the delays and says " X1 chaos here at King's Lynn, K19 the 17.32 to lowestoft left 55 late with 37570 at 18.27 and this was followed by K1 with 37574 running 25 late". Pretty disappointing effort all round then ?

Saturday 28th

There was no doubting today's highlight, that being the welcome re-appearance of P766XHS (20126) to the route. It quite unexpectedly turned up on Y13. 34108 returned to Lowestoft on K16 and 20107 did K4 which finishes at Yarmouth. All three B7s were out with 37158 on K5, 37159 on K3 and 37160 on Y6, although the latter was changed at King's Lynn tonight and 37578 off L11 terminator took over from 160 on the 20.35 to Lowestoft.
The work on the disabled 'trident' seems to be almost complete at King's Lynn, but the two Gemini B7s remaining at Norwich continue in service there with 37156 doing a particularly unusual turn tonight when it worked the 17.00 service 50 to Sheringham. Michael Bryant has X2 news and says that 34109 has lost its rear allover ad for Pleasurewood Hills and says that 34157 is the only one of this type retaining a full rear ad. 37562 was in King's Lynn garage tonight having run 271 miles since Thursday evening. Today it is believed to have worked locally and it may possibly have done Y6 from Yarmouth this morning and been replaced at Lynn by 37160 (see above)

Sunday 29th

Very little seen today and all services seen were B9 Geminis. Any further detail from readers would be welcome. 37570/7/9 were seen in service.

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