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Thursday 12th November 2009 ~ Examinations and an Extermination.

You may have noticed that every other Thursday we get plenty of diagram swaps and this is because six of the Lynn B9s are due safety checks over a two day period each fortnight. This is usually executed in quite an organised fashion. Today for example, 37572 had its service completed before doing K5, 37579 was kept in during the morning for the same reason and at lunchtime, 579 replaced 37577 on Y13 so that it could also be attended to. 37570 came off L10 during the morning for servicing and B7 37160 took over the turn. The other two B7s were also out on K3 (37158) and K17 (37159).
20104 remains out of service at Rowan Road and Sam informs me that 20103 arrived at Lowestoft last night with a blown engine and has been withdrawn !! This will be a sad loss to the X1 and 103 has been a solid performer since it arrived on the route in August 2007. Yarmouth are believed to be loaning 20126 to Lowestoft to cover for the loss of 103.
Only one B10M coach managed to work today and that was 'the Beast', 20107 on L12. A correction to events on Tuesday now and 37573 suffered a puncture at Swaffham during the afternoon and this was why 20106 worked.

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