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Sunday 22nd November 2009 ~ What Service ?

We have reported that delays to the X1 have been commonplace over the last couple of Sundays, but today was even worse. Westbound services during the afternoon were particularly badly affected and the 15.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough didn't run. This is believed to be because of a driver shortage. 37573 resumed the turn with the 18.35 departure to Lowestoft. Other services ran at least 10 and some 20 minutes late to Peterborough.
Several turns swapped vehicles at Lowestoft today, but all today's offerings were B9s. Most B9s are now wearing adverts for the film 'Planet 51' or the mobile phone firm 'LG' on the drivers side, while the 'Paranormal' film ads are prominent on the passenger side. 37576 still has no advert on this side.

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