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Friday 20th November 2009 ~ Friday Intrigue

An unexpected sight at lunchtime was 20109 heading into Wisbech down the Weasenham Lane diversion on the 12.35 from Peterborough (see below).

After a very settled period on the X1, today brought some relief to the predictability but also left some questions unanswered.

The two regular relief vehicles were on duty again with Royale 34108 on K4 and Premiere 20107 on K2. The mysteries began when L12 (07.45 Lowestoft - Peterborough) looks to have been late into King's Lynn if it actually ran at all. 20109 off schools work was summoned and departed on time at 11.15 to Peterborough (see picture above on its return). B7 37160 took over the turn, presumably at King's Lynn at 14.02 to work back to Lowestoft. 37160 was seen this evening still on L12 20.50 Lynn to Peterborough. The vehicle expected on L12 was 37576 and this, says Sam, was brought empty to Lynn from Lowestoft this morning by a famous Lowestoft driver ! 576 was resident in Vancouver Avenue this evening seemingly OK.

Gemini 37565 on Y9 11.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft was halted at Swaffham at 13.30 with a broken window, so 20106 went to the rescue and took over with 37565 retiring to King's Lynn depot for attention.

Y6 05.50 Yarmouth - Peterborough ran with 37564 this morning, but by tonight this had been replaced by B7 37158. The B7 began the day on K3 06.45 King's Lynn - Peterborough and this then goes to Lowestoft where it arrives at 12.40. It looks as if it then rested at Lowestoft before doing Y6 back to Peterborough at 14.25. What did K3 at 12.55 from Lowestoft westbound then ? I've absolutely no idea !! So any suggestions welcome. Timekeeping was pretty good for a Friday. Thanks to Bruce, Rob B and Sam for info today.

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Des Speed said...

Hi Gerrard,
B7 37158 did not rest at Lowestoft till 14.25. I was driving the local service 1, 14.10 ex Lowestoft and witnessed a Gemini (Sorry, didn't catch no.) arrive at 14.07 and a KL lady driver relieved the driver for the 14.25 departure. This service only made it to just outside the Vauxhall dealership on Southtown Rd Yarmouth where it expired and stayed in the middle of 3 lanes until my last sighting of it at 16.45. The KL lady driver was still waiting at the side of the road!
Regards... Des...