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Thursday 26th November 2009 ~ Off Route

Jamie V caught 37562 having a nap outside Vancouver Avenue this afternoon after a stint on the 42s - and look who is watching, check out the third window pane along. yes it's the Lynn garage mascot !

Legal lettering photographed by Jamie Vendy on 37562.

I was off route again today, so Bruce once again provided me with a comprehensive report. things were very similar to yesterday with 20107 & 34108 both still substituting, this time on K4 and K2. 37159 did K16 today, but it was somehwo delayed and Jamie V saw it heading down the bypass near Walton Highway avoiding the villages. Bruce viewed it on its correct route later when it was 15 late on the 14.35 from Peterborough.
It would seem that the loan vehicle, 37562, is being kept off the X1 until it has had its destination programmed and this is due to take place tomorrow (Friday) at Norwich.
37568 was once again absent today and over on the X2, Darts 40251 and 47203 were out.

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