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Tuesday 10th November 2009 : One Year Later : Part 3

A year ago today, Geminis 37570/2/4/7 were all set to work on the X1 for the first time and some semblance of a service operated by the new vehicles was taking shape. One year later and it must be very satisfying to the people who decided that B9 Geminis were the answer for the X1 that all but four services were covered by the new regime.
In the twelve months under review, the mileages accumulated by the vehicles above are as follows : 37570, 112,200. 37572 116,400. 37574 111,400 and 37577 107,500. All four of these vehicles have also experienced extended periods out of traffic during the year, otherwise these figures would have been even higher. These figures are taken from the hub meters fitted which it would seem, in some cases, were not fitted until after about 1,500 miles had already been run. It is doubtful whether there are vehicles of this type (which are clearly more suited to urban work) attaining higher annual mileages anywhere in the UK. One thing I am frequently challenged about is the lack of prominence given in the blog to the huge mileages amassed by the B10M coaches used on the X1. One can only guess at what actual mileages these venerable vehicles have attained, but I hope to feature an article on this before long.
King's Lynn rostered 37573 on K1 this morning and 37567 on K4, but something went amiss and Bruce reports K1 seen this afternoon with 20106 and K4 was 13 late returning from Peterborough this morning with 37573. By this evening 573 was in King's Lynn garage so it looks like 567 took over at some point ! Tonight 20106 was taken off K1 at Lynn at 18.00 and this turn looks to have continued coastbound with 20107 which had come in on Y7, the first Lynn terminator. Royale 34108 was available for punters today and did K18, while the previous service, K17, had 37160.
As expected 37568 was serviced today and its place on L10 was taken by 20127. With 37564/7/9 all due for the same treatment in the next few days, it remains to be seen if we see more replacements drafted in. King's Lynn also has a large servicing requirement this week with 37570/2/3/4/7/9 all due for inspections. 37573 was presumably dealt with today

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