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Wednesday 25th November 2009 ~ Behaving Buses

Although I didn't keep a close eye on things today, it would appear from Bruce's report that everything behaved (surely not you cry ?). The Mancunian as Bruce has christened 37562 - well you might as well give it a name as it hasn't got a number - did not appear today, but it was in use around King's Lynn locally.
Three Geminis are currently absent : 37568 after its debacle with its driver's seat, 37571 still apparently being reconstructed at Wrights and 37572 at Full Circle having its side damage repaired. Standing in today were 20107 on L10 and 34108 on L11. The three B7s have been let loose this week, K16 had one for the second day running in the shape of 37158, while the vehicle that did this turn yesterday returned today on L8, this being 37160. 37159 did Y13.
B10M 20105 went to A.R.M. at Setch for a chassis clean today as it is booked for an MOT next week. Hopefully it will fare better than 20103/4.

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