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Monday 30th November 2009 ~ Night Nurse & Strepsils

"Right"said Bruce (rather than Fred !), "If you can drop me by some Night Nurse and Strepsils at lunchtime, I will stay esconced in the warm, full of cold, viewing X1s from the observation tower". Seemed like a good proposal to me and in fact Bruce managed to view all 19 turns. He says "Just about everything was 6 minutes late returning from Peterborough due to the double dose of roadworks either side of Wisbech, but those which fared worse were 37566 14 late on K2 at Walpole Highway at 08.44, 20126 (hurrah) on K4 8 late, 20109 (surprise surprise) on K5 14 late and 37160 on Y6 23 late. Only other casualty was L11 which was 12 late with 37568". Patience is a virtue and commencing with 37576 on the Y7 09.03 to Peterborough, a continuous stream of B9s appeared until 20126 came back on the 17.03 westbound, the 16th and final decker was the loan Volvo on K3 (37562). I had to take John to the bus stop this morning for K3 at 07.03 from Walpole to Peterborough and at first thought it was one of the 37158/9/60 batch, as the destination screen on 37562 has now been correctly programmed.
Thanks to Bruce and Rob Brooks for gen today.

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