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Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th November 2009 ~ They Did It !

Grouping two days together is quite unusual for this blog, but such was the lack of incident this weekend, it seemed the best option.

Saturday : With all sixteen Geminis available in service, this just left three turns uncovered. These were : K3 37160, L9 20107 and K18 34108. The only odd thing here is that the Royale was sent on a turn that finishes at Yarmouth rather than Lowestoft. 20104 remained at Rowan Road awaiting attention, while possibly in connection with this, 20118 remains at the eastern end to balance things out.

Sunday : Today's service was provided by 37563-6, 37568, 37572, 37574-579. Services generally ran a few minutes late due to the roadworks and diversion around Wisbech. Gemini 37574 has totted up 36,100 miles since July 27th - surely a record ? It had a rare day off today.

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