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Monday 2nd November 2009 ~ Premieres Hanging In There

The B10M coaches are still providing a useful service to X1 passengers and the contrast between these and the Geminis must be bewildering to regulars. The diversion because of the flood defence roadworks at Wisbech is in fact via Weasenham Lane to join the A1101 and not the Wisbech bypass, so a rare opportunity has arisen to travel on this stretch by public transport. Delays seem to be slight which is all the more surprising because the B198 junction at Walton Highway still has three way temporary lights. Whether a roundabout is being constructed here or traffic lights installed is still unknown. Perhaps that nice Mr Elworthy at the 'Wisbech Standard' can do some investigative journalism for us to establish exactly what they are doing. Speaking of his esteemed organ, last Friday's issue featured an item on the demonstration by Wisbech cab drivers against the proposal to move the taxi rank away from the bus station. Amongst the photographs on the front page was one of 37563 awaiting departure to Lowestoft which I take it John included for our benefit !
Timekeeping was not too bad today K14 with 37566 was 19 late returning from Peterborough on the 13.35 to Lowestoft and was viewed by Bruce who once again came to my aid on the sightings front. Both K1 (37569) and K5 (37160) were eleven minutes late going east this morning. Coaches out today were 20103 on K2, 20104 on K4 and 20107 on Y13, plus a bonus trip by 20109 on the 14.45 King's Lynn - Peterborough after 37573 had to be removed from the duty. Reports indicate that 573 was fit to relieve 20109 for the 17.33 to Lowestoft.Finally 37564 on L11 was changed at Lowestoft for 37565

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