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Friday April 15th 2011 ~ Silenced

With 37575 back on the road on K2 today, the opportunity was taken to repair the fan thermostat on 37572. this should mean it will return to its normal quiet state and this will leave 37156 as the only purveyor of excessive noise.  Earlier in the week 37157 again sounded as if it was unhealthy, but it has not been noticed since.
Friday timekeeping was pretty much Ok today, again services returning east from Peterborough were the ones which lost time, mainly to the tune of around 10 minutes, although 37569 on K14 was 13 late going to Peterborough on the 12.48 ex Wisbech and 23 late coming back. In contrast, K17 14.18 to Peterborough left a minute early with 37576.
Coach 20115 was noted in Lowestoft bus station by Malcolm today, but apparently its door was playing up, so it is not thought to have appeared on the X1. Not sure if we've mentioned it before, but one of our Yarmouth correspondents confirms 20123 has departed for the breakers and 20129 is likely to follow.
Ex Stansted coach 20352 has arrived today and looks a bit different to when we last saw it here.

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