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Monday 11th April 2011 ~ Fading Blog ?

Well what a poor old excuse for a blog this is becoming ? It's only the photographs that are keeping it going. An all low floor bore. Today 37570 was esconced in Vancouver Avenue for servicing, but all the other Geminis were out bar the accident damaged 37577. 37563 was swapped at Lowestoft for freshly serviced 37564 on K4, but this evening 37563 was used again on K15 after the incoming 37579 was unavailable - possibly a late arrival.
There was an unusual imbalance of buses today with King's Lynn having insufficient home allocated B9s to work K19 and instead 37567 was used. This was the first time K19 had started out with a Lowestoft bus since 22nd December last year.
Timekeeping was commendable today, maximum delay noted was just 8 minutes.

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