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Thursday 21st April 2011 ~ Bad Thursday

I always refer to the day before 'Good Friday' as 'Bad Thursday' simply because the traffic is usually chaotic with the hoards heading for the coast. I expect they do this to 'miss all the traffic' !
A three vehicle pile up near the Saddlebow roundabout at around 11.20 meant that after an hour had elapsed, traffic was pretty much stationery from Lynn all the way to Guyhirn. this had a pretty bad effect on the X1 of course. I was at Long Sutton so had to rely on Bruce's reports, but services were soon running 30 late. The obstacle was cleared by around 14.30, but by this time the damage was done. 37563 on L8 was a good example of how things went. It was seen by Bruce on Cromwell Road heading into Wisbech at 11.35 (17 late), then emerging from the South Lynn direction onto the South Gates roundabout at 12.27 (38 late) and then leaving Lynn for Lowestoft through the South Gates at 13.07 (60 late). Des takes up the story " I was on 37159 - Y9 11.05 Peterborough to Lowestoft and we left on time before encountering slow A47 traffic, we were 4 late at Thorney (11.33), eventually we arrived back at Lynn 46 late  (13.08) - RTA on A47 between Pullover and Saddlebow. I travelled via South Lynn, but the queue was back to Coopers Roller Bearings factory. Once again I had 37565 as steed, but this time on L12  14.02 King's Lynn to Lowestoft on which I left 9 late (14.11). 37574 (L11 13.32 departure) was at Lynn at same time. I organised Norwich passengers and beyond on to him and he went straight to Norwich. I operated full service. Arrive Yarm 4 late (16.39). Finally L8 did not last with 37563, instead 37564 did the second part of Y7 and then 37569 off Y7 graduauted to L8, 563 was then seen at 17.07 heading light for Yarmouth garage with Lowestoft driver - Oil seal problems.
Today 20115 was K1, seen by Bruce 30 late at 16.03, but later at  17.33  by me just 1 late insinuating that it terminated at Wisbech at 15.45. 20102 was also out on K14 and was one of several services running about 30 minutes in arrears at lunchtime.
Today wasn't a completely bad day though, I will just say 5-1, 5-1, 5-1 come on you yellows !

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mr lucas said...

Gerard,5-1 really hurts lol's i'm glad i'm a follower of both,as my heart has always been in Norfolk,we had relations there,my earliest memories were coming through Red Lion st-Castle meadow in 1948-9 seeing building badly damaged and loads of Titans flying around,which i didn't know then what they were,as i was an Ipswich Trolley man then,but by 1955 on i started showing a interest in those red things...