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Tuesday April 5th 2011 ~ The Beast : the End

Peter couldn't resist finding out what had become of 20107 and (unlikely though it seems to us), was told by the scrap company that it had already been disposed of. Obviously, 'First' must have explained that it was imperative that it was dismantled immediately to prevent any attempts to preserve it ! Ah well, never mind - I certainly couldn't have afforded it anyway and Bruce already has two buses in his care.
No coaches to be seen this way today and the only change was the overnight appearance of a new AXA car insurance ads on the rears of a dozen or so X1 buses. 37158 has lost its T side ad, presumably because it became loose. With only 21 buses for 19 turns now, things may get a bit tight. 37159 was off at Lynn for servicing today and at Lowestoft the spare bus, 37573 was used on the second leg of K18 after 37157 was taken off for maintenance.

Under overcast sky 37571 heads along South Brink into Wisbech this afternoon, on K17 of course.
 An accident at Rings End caused tailbacks today and K3 08.05 from Peterborough came through Walsoken 30 late with 37160 followed 6 minutes later by Blondie on K4 with 37565. Overall though timekeeping today was pretty good. Peter had travelled on K4 to Peterborough and was full of praise for his chauffeur and how she had made up time after the delay at Rings End.

Had my camera on the incorrect setting when the 15.48 Wisbech to (P)Eterborough came along with 37579 this afternoon.

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