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Thursday 7th April 2011 ~ A Well Oiled Machine

Despite the absence of 37577, a full low floor operation was once again possible today with 37566 spare at Lowestoft and 37575 at King's Lynn, I say spare, certainly the latter was having a safety service and this may have been the case with 566 also.
From Lowestoft, Malcolm says "Sorry to hear about 577s accident, but glad nobody was badly hurt. Here today, Rachel had 37159 on Y13 this morning. I saw 37568 work Y7, 34157 arrived on the 13.38 X2 from Norwich, 37579 arrived at 15.18 on L8 while 37564 was on L10. I had Dart 43441 on the 17.25 X1 service to Great Yarmouth. This evening  37563 arrived on L12 and 37159 was still on Y13. We had 37574 on K17 on our journey home and on arrival back at Lowestoft, 37578 was in the bus station and it is due to work K15".
At this end, Bruce says K15 with 37578 was 2 minutes early passing him westbound at 13.02 and the service before this, K14 with 37160 was seen by me departing Wisbech 2 minutes early. Some of this can be attributed to the very light traffic today.

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