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Saturday April 16th 2011 ~ Premiere Action

37575 heads east near Faulkner's Tunnel on the 10.35 Peterborough to Lowestoft today. Should have cleaned my car windscreen - the grey area on the bumper is an enlarged squashed insect !
 The last coach working on the X1 was 20126 on March 17th, so almost a month had elapsed before thsi afternoon's surprise appearance of B10M 20115 which arrived at King's Lynn this evening on L9. This turn had begun the day with 37159, but this disappeared, I know not where for the coach to appear. Jim Lomg says that 20102 was due to arrive at Lowestoft today to stand in for unavailable Geminis over the half term. It normally works a schools diagram off Ipswich garage.

37576 awaits a slot for cleaning at King's Lynn tonight. It had come in as the 18.40 from Peterborough.
 Didn't see much of the daytime workings today, but Y13 had 37573 replaced by 37157 at some point and the latter was seen passing the South Gates at 14.49, around 12 late heading for the coast. A record was broken this afternoon when K1 with 37578 arrived at the same location before the hour at 14.58, hitherto the earliest I had seen an incoming X1 from the coast here was at a minute past the hour. K1 is due off Swaffham at 14.37, so must have had a very clear run. All the Geminis appeared in use today apart from 37160 which was spare at Lowestoft.
B10M coach 20115 is washed at King's Lynn this evening.

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