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Wednesday 20th April 2011 ~ Carry On Coaching

The Geminis seemed to have an attack of stagefright today with Lowestoft producing 20115 on L10 and 20102 on L11. This rather unfortunately meant a 90 minute gap in the low floor service. A scan of the whereabouts of the absent Geminis reveals 37567 seen at Lowestoft depot at 12.30 by Michael B and later, Des saw it on the 17.10 X2 from Norwich. 37575 was off for servicing at Lynn and at Lowestoft 37157 was viewed working the 07.08 and 10.38 X2 departures. L12 left Lowestoft with 37566, but this only got as far as Yarmouth before 37576 took over.
Timekeeping was patchy today, L8 returned through Wisbech from Peterborough 8 late with 37569 at 11.28 and Y9 which had been 10 late on the 10.18 Wisbech to Peterborough lost further time and was 14 late heading back east. Des writes " I had 37158 on Y9 - 06.45 Gorleston JPH to Peterborough, which I took to Lynn. We were on time till congestion into Lynn where we arrived 6 late at 09.43". He continues "20102 on the 10.45 Lynn to Peterborough (L11) departing 5 late, because it was late in. We were 14 late into Peterborough rail station at 12.13. On the 12.05 return we departed 8 late and had cut this to 4 minutes by the time Queensgate was left. We were 4 late from bus station (12.19), 6 late into Lynn (13.29)". I nipped out to record 20102 passing Wisbech town bridge as seen here, Mr. Speed looking very comfortable at the controls.

Des the says "My duty continued with 37565 on the 15.02 King's Lynn to Lowestoft (K14), we departed  10 late. but were on time by our 16.55 departure from Norwich".
The loadings on the X1 west of King's Lynn are often the subject of debate, so here for reference are a couple of photos taken from X1 blog hq today....

37158 with scarcely a seat available seen on Y9 10.18 Wisbech to Peterborough

20115 with a fairly healthy loading on L10 10.48 Wisbech to Peterborough today. She was 22 late at Yarmouth tonight, but only 2 late into Wisbech at 20.24

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