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Thursday 31st March - Sunday 3rd April 2011 ~ In Brief

The low floor monotony continued in my absence. Nineteen Geminis in service and three spare. On Thursday, just before I left, 37574 was on Vancouver Avenue forecourt having been serviced and now spare. 37160 spent the day on King's Lynn local services and 37565 was off at Lowestoft for scheduled servicing. Of more interest at King's Lynn was Scania 65529 at last receiving its MOT after months off the road. Malcolm had a day out to King's Lynn and went exploring old railway remnants, he says L11 had 37159 swapped for 37160 at lunchtime and 159 was then used on a local service 42.
Friday saw an almost carbon copy of the previous day with Malcolm viewing 37566 'not in service' at Lowestoft after servicing and at Lynn 37577 was the spare off servicing with 37159 relegated to locals.
The pattern continued on Saturday with 37566 still out of X1 use at Lowestoft, 37579 and 37158 spare at Lynn. Thanks to Rachel for her sightings which completed the X1 chart for the day and of course to Bruce for managing to see most turns over the period.

The X1 shuttles provide some welcome relief from the endless Geminis. Syd photographed old timer Olympian 34333 at Norwich on Thursday when it worked the 09.00 Gorleston JPH to Norwich and 10.10 return.
Now what has this Volvo B10M coach registered P66BUS got to do with the X1 ? Well David Oakley who took the picture and kindly sent it explains "This coach currently registered P66BUS with Irvine's of Law (and works commuter services between Lanark and Glasgow ) is in fact former X1 vehicle R842DVF (20142) which departed north to First Glasgow' when the Geminis arrived"

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