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Sunday April 17th 2011 ~ Cheeky

Today Malcolm noted King's Lynn B7 Gemini 37160 in use on the 11.38 Lowestoft to Norwich X2. This seemed a bit cheeky as I can't imagine Lynn using a Lowestoft B7 on the Sunday Hunstanton service, but may be they should try it !
37566 heads for Lowestoft on the 10.05 from Peterborough near Walpole Highway today. This is the turn which then works the 1 service to Martham.

37571 working the 13.48 from Lowestoft near Walpole flyover today.
 The X1 was entirely B9 worked as booked. King's Lynn garage was host to two coaches in the shape of 20352 and 20115.

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