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Monday 4th April 2011 ~ A Double Blow

In an almost indecent haste to dispose of the old girl, 'First' at Lowestoft despatched 'The Beast' off for scrap to 'Erith Commercials' today. Thanks to Richard and Syd for the gen. Incredible to think that a month ago to the day she finished her X1 duties on Y6, one of the longest turns there is. I will be adding obituaries for the recently departed coaches as time permits.
37566 remained at Lowestoft again today, while 37563 on Y13 was taken off the duty at King's Lynn and replaced by 37158. There couldn't have been much wrong with 563 as it replaced 37574 on K16 15.32 to Lowestoft, presumably to get it back home for investigation.
This afternoon at around 15.50, 37577 working K4 westbound was involved in an accident near Scarning, shortly after rejoining the A47 from Toftwood. The bus ran into the back of an artic and sustained considerable damage. The driver escaped with minor grazing and all the passengers seemed to be OK too. Initial estimates put the damage in the £100k bracket and 577 is expected to be off the road for three months if repairs are authorised. It is hoped that the on board CCTV system may give some clues as to the cause of the accident. The A47 was closed for a time as a result. The bus is believed to have gone stright to 'Full Circle' pending examination. K4 was worked forward from Lynn by 37578. Another of the Lynn based B9s, 37579 has developed a faulty destination display, whereby the first letter is missing ( a similar thing happened to 37565 a couple of years back).

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