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Friday 21st October 2011 ~ Jiggery Pokery

Rob Brooks captured 37159 on K16 heading down the old A47 dual carriageway at Fence Bank with Norfolk Green no. 127 in hot pursuit this afternoon

With everything going pretty much to plan these days, it was rather nice to get one of those days where you need a detective to work out what happened.
While timekeeping through Wisbech seemed pretty reasonable for a Friday, further east there seemed to be problems. Y6 had 37579, but this appears to have been replaced for the 11.02 Lynn to Lowestoft by 37578. Not sure why this occurred because 579 was not due for servicing. There couldn't have been much wrong with it as when K15 with 37573 arrived, it was replaced by 579 for the 12.45 to Peterborough. What happened next was extremely odd - basically the 13.45, 14.45 & 15.45 to Peterborough all changed vehicles, while the services on the quarter hour remained unchanged. So K16 had 37159, K18 37574 and K1 37564 throughout, but K17 had 37567 replaced by 37573 (off K15), K19 had 37565 replaced by 37567 (off K17) and K2 had 37568 changed for 37565 (off K19). A bit of a pattern there then, but why Lord only knows.
In a final twist to the day's proceedings, Y6 which had left Lynn with 37578 changed vehicles again for 37158 which had been the Lowestoft spare. So what was really surprising tonight was 37578 being in situ over the pits at Vancouver Avenue when it should logically have become the Lowestoft spare bus !
The upshot of this being that Lowestoft are now left without anything spare for X1 use.

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