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Saturday 22nd October 2011 ~ Hanging On

With 37575 at Volvo and no spare X1 vehicle at Lowestoft, things seem to be hanging by a thread at the moment. Today all the other buses in the pool were in use at some stage.
L11 looks to have had 37159 changed for 37576 at some point during the day at Lynn, while L12 was also swapped, 37570 which had started the turn and was needed for servicing on Monday was changed for 37578.
37570 heads away from Walpole on L12 11.15 King's Lynn to Peterborough (L12) today. Its rear overall advert is much the worse for wear now as can be seen here.

Further to recent correspondence regarding long distance services and the suitability of the buses provided, Tony Powell says "The Milton Keynes to Peterborough X4 is due to be provided with new Scania /E400s shortly. These will be to Stagecoach Gold Standard and will have leather coach type seats. Hopefully the same type as on the X5 Cambridge - Oxford coaches in which case I will be well pleased. With the full journey on the X1 taking 4 hours 30 minutes (with basic bus seating) and the X4 just an hour less, it does make me wonder how many passengers ever do the entire journey on either service".

A fair compliment of passengers here on 37579, but doubtful if any are doing the full Peterborough - Lowestoft journey ? 37579 is negotiating Wisbech Horsefair roundabout to work K14 14.26 to Lowestoft this afternoon.

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