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Monday October 17th - Thursday October 20th 2011

As it has been a fairly inocuous week on the X1 once more, here is a quick synopsis of events so far.

Monday 17th : Possibly the most unremarkable day this week. The first appearance of an advert for the film TinTin on 37156/160 & 37570 applied over the weekend at Lowestoft, also rear ads for AXA, these being a second use of the previous campaign. A great day for punctuality with 37574 on K16 being the most delayed service, seven late from Wisbech on the 13.48 to Peterborough. Lowestoft kept 37157 as spare, while 37577 on K2 at the start of the day had changed over to 37566 by teatime. L8 had 37563 taken off at Lynn tonight for servicing and 37571 off Y7 replaced it at 18.50 to Peterborough.
The new road from Dogsthorpe to Spalding finally opened today and a 7.5 ton weight limit put into place at Eye Green, bringing more traffic to the A47. A new bus stop is being built at Peterborough B&Q on Bourges Boulevard.

Tuesday 18th : 20102 appeared at Yarmouth garage today on a run delivering spares. Sad news from Yarmouth too with the last EC Olympian 34333 at last being withdrawn.
A couple of services made good time on the Wisbech to Peterborough section today : 37568 was typically late on L10 10.48 ex Wisbech by 7 minutes going west, but returned bang on time, while K19 with 37565 was 6 late and returned just 2 minutes behind time and this during the afternoon peak.
Only one service was badly delayed and this was (as it nearly always is !) K16. Even with Mr. Speed at the controls 37158 was already 18 late when he departed on the 13.20 Southgates to Peterborough. By Peterborough rail station it was 24 late and then 22 late back into Wisbech. Smart working saw it just 13 lates when Des left it at Southgates at 16.20 having already been into the bus station.
Peter says "37563 on K4 07.48 from Walton Road this morning. we left Wisbech 10 late and were then held up all the way to Peterborough, approaching approx 20 late. Fortunately our driver took the sensible option and went straight to the rail station where I just made the 08.52 train to Birmingham". Good to hear that Peter and 37563 had made up more time by the time it passed me at 09.22, just 2 late. He adds "This evening 37159 on K5 18.40 with Blondie driving - I knew it was her before I saw the bus as she was hooting at all the illegally parked cars ignoring the buses only signs. Mind you the hooter on 37159 was pretty pathetic, sounds like a bee in a tin can ! Nevertheless it was very clean and warm upstairs, better than the cold 37563 this morning".
Malcolm saw Dart 42447 on the 14.38 X2 this afternoon. but 37157 was spare and may have worked too. Sister 37156 was a very unusual choice for K15 today, seen below.

Wednesday 19th :
K19 did a 37576 for 37577 swap for maintenance this afternoon and timekeeping was very good - well until late afternoon that is. 37567 on K1 was 9 late to Peterborough and K2 was 16 late with 37566, K3 was just a minute late with 37160, but then there was another extended gap and 37159 (unusual for K4 to get a B7) was 16 late too. 37573 noted on Y6 today with its new rear ad for AXA - fixed upside down !

Thursday 20th :
37575, normally a reliable steed, was in trouble on K3 today. It was making alarming noises on arrival at Lowestoft and the driver who took it back west at 12.55 reported it to King's Lynn where it was arranged to swap it with 37565. The latter was 8 late at Wisbech and meanwhile 37575 was whisked off to Volvo for investigation.
37565 had earlier worked K15 into Lynn at 12.37 from Lowestoft, but here it was removed for servicing and 37564 fresh off its MOT worked forward.Many services ran up to 8 minutes late today.
37572 was changed for 37160 on Y6 this evening. Malcolm saw the absent 37157 on the 15.48 Lowestoft to Norwich X2 this afternoon.

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