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Tuesday October 11th 2011 ~ 571 Off the Leash

On January 18th this year, 37571 worked K2. Nothing odd about that surely ? Well yes actually ! With 37571 being favourite for K17, it rarely appears on any of the turns which finish at Lowestoft, however, today it graced K2 again for only the second time this year. So what of K17 ? Well all of a sudden. this seems to be getting any available B9 and since the end of August, 571s grip on this turn seems to have slackened.I'm sure there is some reasoning behind this, but as yet I know not what it is.
After yesterday's delays, today things ran quite well and the heaviest delay noted was a mere 8 minutes.
The problem with 37566 was attended to by the Volvo man today and 37572 was also the subject of his healing hands. 572 actually had a strange day. it began on K5, being taken off at Lynn at 10.30 and then after attention, took over K17 at 13.45. This was not without incident though, as 572 was failed at Swaffham at 17.00 overheating. It was just a belt that needed replacing and after fitters attended , it was able to continue.
37157 took K5 forward and then later was called upon to replace 37567 on L12 as the latter was needed for a safety service. 157 took the 20.50 Lynn to Peterborough instead, mind it's rear destination is still blank as is that of 37568. Meanwhile 37567 which has run for most of its life with no rear route indicator has at last had this fixed at King's Lynn.
37160 was back on the X1 route today, but on arrival at Lynn tonight on L11 still appeared to be having problems overheating and the engine looked to have been throwing oil.
Lowestoft spare bus today was 37159.

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