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Thursday October 13th 2011 ~ Everything's All White (Well Almost)

A reminder that the X1 Gemini livery doesn't endear itself to winter weather was provided today. Despite lovely sunny conditions in Wisbech this morning, both 37573 on L11 and 37578 on L12 passed through westbound with mud all over the rear wheelarches. No doubt the healthy sugar beet crop is to blame.
Punctuality was very good today with only 37572 on K2 being seen 8 minutes late on the 16.18 Wisbech to Peterborough and earlier 37158 on K14 08.55 ex Lowestoft had also been 8 late departing, not regaining time until Lynn.
Swaps today were maintenance related, K5 had 37568 replaced by 37577 for the 10.32 Lynn to Lowestoft and Y6 had 37569 taken off for the 17.45 Lynn to Peterborough with repaired black sheep 37566 replacing it.

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