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Saturday 1st October 2011 ~ More Sunshine , More Delays

The record October temperature set at nearby March in 1985 was beaten today in Gravesend when it rose to almost 30'c. On the X1 there were some unexplained delays. Services through Wisbech westbound to Peterborough were well behaved, but coming back eastbound things were pretty awful mid morning. Noted heading for Lowestoft were 37579 on K5 running 5 late, 37572 on Y6 14 late, 37578 on Y7 worst affected being 38 late, L8 with 37564 evaded me and 37566 on L9 27 late. Things then improved with Y10 with 37567 being 19 late and 37565 on L11 just 8 late. What caused the delays is not known, but even Friday evening's late services were behind time, 37566 on L8 was 11 late into Wisbech on the 20.40 Peterborough - Lowestoft and the 20.50 Lynn to Peterborough (L12) was 10 late with 37156.
Several turns swapped vehicles today, possibly due to an afternoon road closure at Toftwood. 37564/5/6/7 all changed turns and this involved L8, L9, Y10 & L11.

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