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Friday October 14th 2011 ~ B7 Variation

Being one of the longset diagrams, L8 normally has a B9 allocated, but yesterday 37157 worked it and today 37158. As it was due maintenance on Monday, tonight 37571 off Y7 was used to replace 37158 at Lynn for the 18.50 to Peterborough.
Punctuality was quite good for a Friday. The worst spell here in the west was around teatime when K17 with 37565 which had been 2 late going to Peterborough, returned 17 late and K18 following with 37578 was 12 late. After this things soon got back to normal.
37568 and 37579 were spare at Lynn today and 37157 was at Lowestoft. 37574 had a minor problem with a faulty gear selector this morning and was 15 late departing from Yarmouth on Y13.
The closure of Fullers Hill in Yarmouth is suspended for the weekend and will resume on Monday. Only buses were supposed to be admitted through the Gorleston Church roundabout on a stop/go board system, but all traffic was using this route.

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