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Friday 30th September 2011 ~ A Successful Summer

Traditionally (in railway terms at least), the last day of September equals the end of the Summer timetable. Looking back at the last few months, the days of B10M coaches regularly standing in for Geminis have become history. Availability of the Geminis has never been so good. Even when a bus has  been sidelined for MOT work, such as 37563 this week, the two remaining 'spare' buses have been just that. Today 37565 was at Lowestoft and 37579 at Lynn.
The timetable often goes pear shaped on Fridays, but today pretty much everything ran 8 - 10 minutes late with all turns seen apart from K16 (see below). 37160 was plying its trade on K3 and was extremely noisy - usually it is the quietest of the B7s, but maybe this weeks temperatures have been a bit too challenging.
Des says "37568 was K16 and I was booked to take it from Lynn Southgates at 13.07 into the bus station then on to Peterborough. In the event 37568 diverted itself into Vancouver Avenue garage inbound at 13.10 due to tits oil level warning light showing. Checked and filled, we departed Lynn 25 minutes late at 13.40, K17 arriving as we departed. Arrival at Peterborough rail station was -31 at 15.00, having travelled in via Perkins and noted traffic queuing on the eastbound carriageway. I loaded passengers for Lynn and beyond and left at 15.02, 27 late non-stop to Lynn. We used Bourges Boulevard, but there were queues at B & Q. I was back at the Southgates (due 15.49) at 16.14, 25 late".
At least this explains why I didn't see K16 eastbound today ! At the eastern end, Malcolm viewed three successive arrivals from Peterborough at Lowestoft. Y7 with 37159 arrived 16 late, 37566 on L8  was on time and finally Y9 with 37573 was 8 late coming in.

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Anonymous said...

I note 37568's impromptu visit to Vancouver Avenue at 1310.
It seems that Volvo have thought of absolutely everything when it comes to instrumentation.