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Sunday October 2nd 2011 ~ Jet Propelled

A nice shot of 37568 before it worked the 07.30 Yarmouth to Peterborough this morning. Courtesy of Des Speed.
The Indian Summer continued today and hoards of motorists flocked to the Norfolk coastal resorts. By lunchtime, punctuality of the X1 was adversely affected. The 12.45 from Lynn to Peterborough (L10)with 37572 was 19 late, but thanks to some smart work was only 4 late returning. An hour later the 13.45 (K1) with 37577 was 15 late heading west. Thanks to Bruce for the gen.
By tonight, things were quite bad and 37576 was seen on Nar Ouse Way departing King's Lynn for Peterborough at 20.31 (due 19.56) and therefore 35 minutes late. Later the same bus was seen returning into Terrington at 22.18, just 5 late and possibly having beaten the record for an X1 recouping time on this section. It must have been a remarkable bit of driving.

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