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Friday June 11th 2010 ~ Observation Post Blog

My first day out for a while, but didn't see an X1 all day as I was off at an early hour to the BBC Archives. This meant Bruce was on duty and he reports :

Well our little mate is absent from his post again so out comes the Walpole Highway B10M again

07.34 K4 passed with a B9 but missed K19, due 07.31
08.01 K1 on time with 37566
08.08 K5 with 37159
08.34 K2 with 37567, Y6 with 37569
09.04 Y7 with 37573, K3 with 37158
09.38 L8 with 20121- 4L , K4 ????
10.04 37570 on Y9, 37159 on K5
10.34 a B7 on time on L10
11.08 going to Tesco met 37563 on L11 a bit late
11.12 37569 on Y6 leaving Lynn and seen from Tesco car park
12.12 saw L8 leaving Lynn from Tesco car park with 375x4 (574 or 564?)
13.45 met 37565 on L12 near to home. Rather a lot of passengers waiting early in the villages for 37562 on K17!!!!
14.12 Y13 with 37578 - 8L
14.14 K17 with 37562 - 10L
14.38 K18 with 37156 - 4L
14.51 K14 with 37568 - 17L
15.22 K19 with 20109 - 18L
15.38 K1 now has 37577
15.46 K15 with 37575 - 42L
16.10 K2 with 37567
16.16 K17 with 37562

Now I sat outside in the car from 15.03 to 16.16, not wishing to miss K19. K15 had Lowestoft on the front - the absent K16 is the Gorleston. No Gorleston bus passed me - which might explain why there were so many people waiting for K17 to Wisbech at 13.45. K17 had an unusual well filled load on. But it is Friday and I only get to see a little snapshot of what goes on. Now can I get K4 when it returns?".

Fancy 20121 getting yet another run out and as for 20109 ? Well defies belief really. With 37575 on K15 running excessively late, 37572 off the invisible K16 came back late tonight.

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