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Tuesday 8th June 2010 ~ Vandals Strike

20109 on Gemini turn K19 this afternoon passing Walpole Highway

I suppose considering the length of the route, the X1 doesn't suffer greatly from vandalism, however, a driver reports that today 37563 was heading down Brasenose Avenue in Gorleston heading for Lowestoft on K4 when a youth threw a missile which broke the offside lower deck window behind the stairs. Somehow, it looks as if 563 remained in service, unless you know different.
There was a problem of a different kind later with 37570, which had overnight been adorned with a new advert for the film 'Killers'. Whilst travelling down the Norwich bypass on Y7 14.55 ex Lowestoft, part of said ad started flapping about in the wind only for it to become completely detached on the Dereham bypass. Here it is on arrival at Lynn, thanks to Andy and our man in the know :

Looks pretty silly now doesn't it - divine intervention may be with an advert for a film called 'Killers' depicting guns being in rather bad taste in view of recent events ?

On the road today, timekeeping was pretty dismal with the South Gates roundabout roadworks again being largely responsible. By mid afternoon, most services were in the region of 20/25 late. There don't appear to have been any swaps to the morning allocation of X1 vehicles which is quite rare. Even rarer was the vehicle allocated to K19 - after yesterday's B7, today it had B10M 20109 ! I'm pretty certain this turn has never been worked entirely by a B10M before. Bruce adds - guess who was driving it this afternoon ? You might just be able to make it out from the picture...

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