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Thursday June 3rd 2010 ~ Disintegrating Fans

So far 37563/7/70 have all had the loud fan fault which makes one think that this could end up being a malady which will affect the whole fleet. This afternoon 37566 went by on K16 making the loud noise indicating it is the latest to be afflicted.
20109 was again in frontline action on K3 and 34108 was K18. punctuality was hit and miss. 37568 kept its reputation by being on time heading to Peterborough on L8, but being 21 late coming back. 37159 following on Y9 was 7 x 20 late west and eastbound respectively. At lunchtime 37572 was 28 late on K14 with 37574 just 1 minute late close behind westbound. 34108 was worst performer mid afternoon being 15 late on the 14.48 to Peterborough. 37575 was taken off K19 for a service this afternoon and replaced by 37158, while 37567 made its way to Volvo at Norwich for repairs today.
Back in the UK after three weeks in the States, Peter says " Been waiting at Peterborough rail station for the 18.10 to Lowestoft (K4), it has just turned up at 18.33 with 37569 and 37160 is right behind. Driver has told me he is going empty to Lynn and I've got to do 37160 on the 18.40, so its hard luck if you wanted to travel beyond Lynn as this is where the 18.40 terminates !"

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